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Is an HVAC inspection worth the small price now? Absolutely, especially when you consider you’re avoiding a big, unexpected repair bill later. During an annual HVAC maintenance visit, a licensed AC technician can spot issues and prevent the need for costly repairs.


According to the contractor-consumer matching website, the average HVAC technician charges $50 to $80 for an AC service tune-up. Compare that to a repair, which can run you between $150 and $1,000 on average, and it’s a no-brainer. It pays to prevent HVAC problems before they happen.

1. Safety First
This may be the most important reason to go with a company you can trust. Electrical work is dangerous. If something goes wrong, there’s no one to blame but yourself. Should shoddy work lead to a house fire, your insurance may not cover it if they find you used an unlicensed electrician. It’s just not worth the risk.

2. Avoid Hazards
Exposed wires and electrical equipment’s proximity to water and young children can be very dangerous. Let a professional ensure that you and your family’s safety is guaranteed – they’re trained to thoroughly follow safety regulations! Take advantage of the high-quality service of a trained professional and steer clear of unfixable mistakes!

3. Save Time
Your schedule is packed enough as it is! Don’t make an electrical problem your number one priority if you simply don’t have enough hours in the day. Call a professional. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to potential electrical hazards in your home.

4. Save Money
Many believe that when they complete the job themselves it ends up being a lot cheaper, but the truth is when you hire a professional the job gets done right the first time. You won’t have to spend any money on the tools or equipment. Plus, you’ll have access to more energy-efficient material.

5. Do It Right the First Time
Do not cut corners by hiring an unlicensed electrician. Hire a professional who has the proper training and experience. Isn’t that who you’d rather have fixing the electric issues in your home?

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